Central and Moon Distributors computer system compromised, deliveries to liquor stores, restaurants and bars are delayed


the little rock Central and lunar distributors, the state’s largest wholesaler of Arkansas-owned wine, beer and spirits, recently suffered a cyberattack that affected the alcoholic beverage supply in central Arkansas.

A phone call to the CEO of Central Stan hastings Tuesday claimed there had been a “compromise” on the company’s computers. Hastings added that broader supply chain issues also created distribution issues.

A Central Arkansas liquor store owner who wished to remain anonymous because of his good relationship with the distribution company said he would normally receive a truck delivery from Central or Moon on October 20, but he didn’t know. was not expecting it.

He said he was able to get products from the Rocktown Distillery in Little Rock because it’s a local business. For now, he said, customers will likely be able to find the spirit they’re looking for, but may not be able to get all the brands they’re used to. He also added that the liquor industry had faced supply chain issues due to the pandemic and was almost unresponsive at this point. “It’s not terrible, but it is moving forward,” he said of the current situation.

Earlier this month, NBC News recently reported similar incidents affecting the food supply chain, claiming that at least three U.S. grain distributor systems have been infected with ransomware in recent weeks. The FBI took to Twitter this week to issue an advisory to organizations that manage critical infrastructure assets.

A local bar manager we spoke with said that due to the disruption at Central and Moon his bar had to change beer for a third of its taps and some of his premium products like Maker’s Mark, Hornitos and Bulleit were out or out. low supply.

A West Little Rock liquor store owner, who asked to remain anonymous, said some products in his store were only available through Central or Moon.

“We can’t buy it from anyone else, so when we run out of a product, until they fix that problem, we’re out of the product,” he said.

He said the problems they face with this current situation are magnified by other sectors of industry affected right now as a result of the pandemic.

“The two main things we deal with are the transportation of product from supply sources, whether it’s a port of a distillery or a winery that comes into state to our distributor,” then which is then delivered to our store. There is also a shortage of glass, he said.

He declined to name specific products that the store is currently unable to receive, but which are among the biggest drivers of the Central and Moon portfolio.

“I have a lot of respect for what they do at Central and Moon. We’ve been doing business together for 30 years, and it’s a very unfortunate thing that has happened and our hearts go out to them, ”he said.


Gordon K. Morehouse