Bernd Rennebeck appointed CEO of software development company Oqulo

Bernd Rennebeck, CEO of Equlo

Oqulo is in an exciting phase where we are developing our products and services. I can’t wait to focus more on strategy, especially in launching Knox, our latest project involving cryptocurrency and blockchain.

Singapore-based tech company Oqulo appoints Bernd Rennebeck as CEO.

Originally based in Florida, USA, Rennebeck brought his background in engineering, data science and technology consulting to his role as CTO of August 99, Inc. August 99, a sister company of Equlo, is a web development and technology incubator. company based in the Philippines.

Rennebeck was previously vice president of Specialty Structures & Installations, a structural engineering company in Florida. He also spent time as CTO and Chief Data Scientist of mClinica, a Singapore-based healthcare technology company.

“Bernd’s expertise in technology infrastructure couldn’t be better,” says Erny Nazario, Product Manager at Oqulo. “Without a doubt, Bernd’s extensive expertise in emerging commercial technologies will help us exceed our five-year goals.”

“I am more than happy to take on this new role after years as CTO of Equlo,” says Rennebeck. “Oqulo is in an exciting phase where we are developing our products and services. I look forward to focusing more on strategy, especially in the launch of Knox, our latest project involving cryptocurrency and blockchain.”

Rennebeck has over ten years of experience in the technology industry. As CTO in his previous companies, he led the successful execution of technology products and projects through improved technology infrastructure, product development, technology training and overall R&D.

Rennebeck is also the winner of the IBM Watson New Venture Challenge 2016 and the chief mentor and judge of Hack Manila.


Oqulo Pte Ltd, is a Singapore-based company founded in early 2019. It is a spin-off of the leading technology incubator, August 99, which started in 2012 and is based in the Philippines.

Oqulo is a company that deploys global technology products and employs a strong team of software developers and designers. The company’s current suite of services includes Access by Agent Image, QSpace, QTime and Knox.

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