Baylor University’s School of Engineering and Computer Science’s online MSc in Computer Science prepares software engineers for a brighter professional future

Waco, Texas, May 13, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) —

Baylor University’s School of Engineering and Computer Science offers nationally ranked undergraduate and graduate programs. With a qualitative and impeccable education through responsible leadership and professional practices, Baylor offers an online master’s degree in computer software engineering.

Baylor University’s School of Engineering and Computer Science announces its Master in Computer Science Online The study program is intended for individuals who are motivated to obtain a master’s degree and take up a management position as a software engineer. Baylor’s online MSc in Computer Science program now offers a software engineering track consisting of a six-course core program spanning 15 weeks.

It will allow students to focus on advanced object-oriented development, advanced software engineering, distributed systems, and software verification and validation. Students can achieve the ACM benchmark effortlessly as the program adheres to the Association for Computer Machinery (ACM) curriculum standards. This is a great opportunity for those who want to put their career on the right track.

Science is built taking into account the demand and expectations of the industry. Projections of a 22% increase in software jobs by the end of 2030 have led Baylor to offer a comprehensive and methodical software engineering track to prepare future professionals for new technological frontiers.

Baylor’s online Master’s in Computer Science program will primarily deal with software engineering with the goal of developing systematic, controlled, and efficient methods for producing and maintaining high-quality software. Diploma candidates will learn to conduct projects based on ethical values ​​and the needs of diverse audiences. Supported by a highly qualified faculty, Baylor aims to prepare students to understand model specification, software architecture, microservices-based enterprise application design, code analysis, security, pattern-based analysis and testing.

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In an interview, Online Graduate Program Manager Sharon Moore said, “We are committed to providing quality education and advanced educational opportunities that will create ethical and effective practitioners who can contribute to their academic disciplines, to their fields and to society. Our students will learn to practice ethical behavior and decision-making skills, work with teams on complex projects, identify project conflicts and find appropriate solutions. Graduates of our program will learn to follow a systematic process for creating software and will obtain their degree with the desire to improve, collaborate and innovate.”

With rigorous curricula in general engineering, electrical and computer engineering, mechanical engineering, bioinformatics, and computer science, Baylor combines an innovative approach and hands-on exposure to provide students with a deep understanding of the subject. the Online Master’s in Computer Science – Software Engineering aims to acquire related knowledge on topics of scientific research, verification and validation. Students will have the opportunity to acquire knowledge on the use of object-oriented development and understand MSA design and development using JAVA programming. By learning from nationally recognized teachers, graduate students will become familiar with the intricate details of creating and developing programs that serve an assortment of clients.

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Baylor University’s School of Engineering and Computer Science offers unparalleled levels of education through teaching, scholarship, and service that prepares graduates for professional practice and responsible leadership with a vision world Christian. Enjoying a unique position along the I-35 corridor with direct access to Houston, Dallas, Austin and San Antonio, Baylor University offers all the benefits of a large-scale research institution with personal attention given to each student. Located in the heart of Texas, U.S. News & World Report ranked the university among the top 5% national universities in 2021.


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