AutoScheduler.AI Adds Experienced CTO to Take Software Development Efforts to the Next Level

Austin, Texas Р(September 7, 2021) РAutoScheduler.AI, an innovative warehouse management system (WMS) accelerator, announces the arrival of Andrew Gibson as CTO to lead the development efforts of business software to the next level. Andrew is an expert in the supply chain industry, formerly at Nestl̩, and has deep expertise in mathematics, which is the lifeblood of artificial intelligence. AutoScheduler.AI facilitates operations in a warehouse by integrating seamlessly with warehouse management systems, orchestrating activities across supply chain campuses, and adding value by improving OTIF, managing inventory and creating dynamic schedules that change as conditions change.

“We realized that at the current rate of market adoption, AutoScheduler.AI needed a leader who could help us expand our platform faster,” said Keith Moore, Product Manager at AutoScheduler.AI . “We needed someone with deep domain expertise as well as exposure to modern machine learning and software development practices, and Andrew fits that description very well. We are delighted to have it.

“AutoScheduler.AI uses advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning and digital twins to transform distribution centers and warehouses with new levels of efficiency and execution,” said Andrew Gibson, CTO of AutoScheduler.AI. “I look forward to accelerating the development of this sophisticated technology to reach the next phase of business growth. “

Dr Andrew Gibson spent 25 years at Nestlé as an operational leader in warehousing and transportation and as a leader in data science focused on improving supply chain, warehousing, transportation and sales. As a consultant, he worked with CPGs, retailers and software companies to develop smarter tools, backed by data science, to generate clearer insights and enable better decisions overall. of the company.

He has taught data science, data visualization and supply chain analysis in an academic setting and for executive training.

He graduated from the University of Manchester with a BSc in Mathematics and Management Science. He holds an MBA from the London Business School, University of London. He received a Doctor of Philosophy – Ph.D., Industrial Engineering, from the University of Arkansas.

About AutoScheduler.AI

AutoScheduler.AI is a supply chain analysis company focused on fulfillment center optimization that accelerates existing WMS capabilities with Intelligent Warehouse Orchestration. By integrating seamlessly with existing WMS and ERP systems, AutoScheduler’s powerful and intuitive platform helps streamline operations in your facility. It provides dynamic dock planning, level loading labor, inventory overflow balancing, proactive cross-docking, eliminating redundant labor allocation, etc. We’re adding prescriptive analytics and improving efficiency for companies like P&G and others. For more information, contact

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