Are There Software Engineering Degree Programs Online?

There are several ways to become a programmer. These are training in colleges, universities or specialized courses. Highly qualified specialists involved in programming are needed in many areas. To enter a promising profession, you must have quality training and work experience. For software development teams, here is a guide for those looking to hire a Power BI Engineer. When you get an education, you may also need help with academic homework. Service specialists like are experienced in writing all kinds of student work.

Consider the best online software development degree platforms.

Programmer specializations and responsibilities

The programmer is a specialist engaged in the development of algorithms and computer programs based on special mathematical models. The main activity of the programmer is related to the development and implementation of software. The programmer profession is divided into different specializations. The main ones are:

  1. Web programming. The field of activity includes programming intrinsically linked to the Internet. This is the development of websites, programs that support their operation, work with content and promotion.
  2. Applied programming. It means writing a set of instructions that a computer must execute to achieve a certain type of result. The development of games and applications, including desktop applications.
  3. System programming. The basis is the development of research and operating systems. An important component of the specialty is analytical work. It is crucial for the confident future development of networks and computers in general.

Often there is a division of representatives of this profession by programming languages ​​or types of tasks performed.

Where to study programming

Getting the programmer job remotely is the most convenient way to learn at any skill level. To apply for a job, it is much more important to have the necessary skills than to show a diploma from higher education.

In most cases, the employer offers to carry out a trial mission. Based on his results, he decides on the admission to the vacancy. This way you can learn from the comfort of your home. You can acquire knowledge through online courses, practical work and reading useful literature.

Online software engineering programs differ in direction, curriculum, number of hours, job outlook, etc. On online platforms, you can learn the required programming language on your own with additional certification. Online schools and universities offer a carefully planned curriculum. It is accompanied by the supervision of experienced teachers, internships and a diploma.

How to choose an online course

The main thing is to determine the purpose of training. Below, we’ll look at a few online software engineering courses depending on your goals.

To get a new job

To learn programming from scratch and start working in the craft, the following courses are suitable.


An educational platform that helps you learn programming from scratch. Now, students can master 35 professions in five faculties. These are artificial intelligence, data analysis, programming, automated systems and business.

Each course consists of several stages depending on the level of difficulty. At each stage, the student receives a mini-diploma, which confirms his skills. You can skip a step and stop or continue.

In each course, there is a theoretical block and a practice. The theory is presented in text and video form. After the theory, the students take tests.

Hack Reactor

A platform for boot camp training. Students participate in intensive courses individually and in teams. They learn programming and solve problems. Bootcamp is comparable to boot camps. You come to study a subject for a while, participate in brain games and compete against other teams. Hack Reactor’s motto is “Don’t just learn to code, start thinking like a developer.” Boot camps have already become major personnel providers for US IT companies.

The student finds himself in a real work environment. Learning takes place in real time. Students listen to lectures on the Internet, carry out tasks in teams and pairs, brainstorm and carry out projects.

To broaden your horizons

This group includes collections of videos and lectures from foreign universities. The main difference with other software development degree platforms is that students go one-on-one with the content. They themselves regulate the intensity of learning and the depth of immersion. Let’s look at software engineering schools Udemy, edX, Coursera.


A software development program with a large number of video courses. It’s like paid YouTube, only for education.

Anyone can act as a teacher and record their own course. Most of them are short courses on a specific problem – like how to set up a neural network or choose the best proxy server. But there are also long ones, like on machine learning or Python.

Coursera and edX

Coursera and edX are online education giants that help you both learn more and earn a degree. You can imagine yourself as a student and learning from renowned professors, taking courses at top universities. However, teachers do not answer questions or check homework.

Usually, people perceive Coursera and edX as collections of lectures about everything in the world. Users often send these collections to bookmarks, where they remain intact. Or they are listened to during a break or on the way to work. On the other hand, on these platforms, you can get a full-fledged secondary education at a prestigious foreign university without leaving your home.


The work of a programmer is a highly intelligent activity. It requires logical thinking, focus, responsibility and mathematical abilities. It is possible to get the best online software engineering degree remotely with the option to choose more programming direction.

Gordon K. Morehouse