5 essential office software in your computer system

Have you imagined how you would have managed all your work without a computer? Even the thought is painful.

Today, the world is so advanced that there are several tools and software to make your work independent from human labor, not to mention support. It has several other benefits like it makes all the tasks less time consuming, has higher accuracy, etc.

So, if you have bought a new PC or are reinstalling Windows, remember to keep these 5 software on your PC. We guarantee they are useful to all demographic groups.

  1. Google Chrome

To search the Internet on your PC, you will need a browser. Among all, the the most preferred browser is Google Chrome. It loads faster and supports a long list of Chrome extensions.

With Google Chrome, you can also try cross-platform synchronization. This means you can open your desktop tabs on your phone and vice versa. This means that the browser is suitable for all users. Moreover, it is available for free.

If you want to try something other than Chrome, you can try Firefox or Opera which are also available for free.

  1. Free TreeSize

After a while, all our devices start running out of storage. This is the most annoying thing to happen, because now you have to sit down and manually sort through the files to remove the unnecessary ones. What if we told you that we have an emergency exit for that? You can solve this problem by installing a disk analyzer on your PC.

TreeSize Free tells us what is taking up space on our computer. You just need to open the software and click on the drive you want to scan. It will organize all your folders according to the space they take up and also show you how much space it is consuming.

After that, you can decide whether to delete these files or keep them. So you don’t need to manually sort the files. This will be done by the software. You just have to delete the unnecessary ones.

  1. VLC

Due to the universal nature of YouTube, we don’t need to watch local videos too often. But that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t have a video player on our PC. And when talking about video players, VLC is the best among all to play local videos. It has a ton of features and is available without any cost. You can download it easily.

Plus, it can play just about any video and audio format you can imagine. You don’t have to use it every day but when installing software, you should consider this one to avoid the mess with video codecs.

  1. Microsoft Office

Can you even think what working would be like without Microsoft Office? If you are a student or employee, Microsoft Office Suite is a must for all of you. It contains several tools among which Excel, Word and PowerPoint are the most popular.

Microsoft Word allows you to create documents. Microsoft Excel helps you create spreadsheets and perform basic calculations by applying formulas, while Microsoft PowerPoint is useful for creating presentations. There are duplicate formats of these tools, but they are not recommended for your system.

  1. Paint.NET

Microsoft Paint may already be installed, but Paint.NET is more user-friendly and delivers better results. If you want to make basic light and color adjustments, blur parts of an image, or retouch old images, you’ll need an image editing tool on your PC.

We agree that Photoshop is the best tool for image editing, but it comes at a cost while Paint.NET is available for free. Moreover, this software is extremely user-friendly, which makes it easy to use for non-techies like you and me. You can also auto-level photos, add text or shapes with just a few clicks.

To you…

Well, these are the 5 office software that are essential for every computer. The fact is that most of them are available for free. There are many other super advanced software available in the market. Before investing in it, you should always do a ground check of your needs and type of industry. Until then, this list may prove to be a good boost!

Gordon K. Morehouse