3 best techniques for perfecting software development: Gartner


Dive brief:

  • According to data presented at the Gartner IT Symposium / Virtual Xpo last week, the most effective method of developing software developer skills is play days, job rotations and mentor-mentee matches.
  • Despite greater efficiency, there is a disconnect between the most popular learning methods and those that have the most impact on the organization. Companies most often use DevOps Dojos, internal presentations and internal technical conferences to develop their development skills, according to data from Gartner.
  • To advance skill growth among software developers, leaders “must develop a learning culture where every member of your team is excited to learn a new skill and teach,” said Arun. Batchu, Senior Director, Analyst at Gartner, at the conference.

Dive overview:

Companies Seeking To Hold IT Workers Amid The Great Resignation Must Be Great at Upgrading Skills, As Workers Will See opportunities for professional development when deciding to leave a role. Limited career progression is one of the main reasons workers direction exit.

There are more tech positions open than workers ready to fill them, as job openings for all new IT occupations hit nearly 300,000 in September, CompTIA analysis shows. Unemployment in technology remains below the national average, at 2.2% against overall employment at 4.8%.

To meet the demands for talent, leaders rely on improving skills wherever possible to develop the talent available within the existing workforce. This is not an easy task, as workers say they are too busy, budget constraints and a distracting environment can impact their ability to develop their skills, according to Pluralsight data.

It’s up to executives to break down the frictions that keep IT people from developing their skills. Executives need to make technical managers and engineers understand that “learning is a priority for you, and that you are not only giving them permission to take time, but that you are also encouraging them to take it,” Batchu said. .

Mentor-mentee matches, one of the most effective techniques for on-the-job learning, are an easy way to combine learning among IT professionals. But instituting game days – where teams fake an incident and learn from their response – may require cooperation with HR partners, Batchu said.

“You have to work hard to make it easy for your teams to have match days,” Batchu said.


Gordon K. Morehouse