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It is common knowledge that parents repeatedly dictate or suggest specific courses for their children to take; Unfortunately, some learners have given up on their dreams trying to impress their parents into career paths that didn’t interest them at all.

Marie Magnificat Uwikuzo chooses to differentiate herself from many children; the 21-year-old software developer at Exuus Company recalls her parents being clear from day one that she was growing up to be a doctor, although she didn’t want to burst their bubble, she lacked interest in medicine , but had no idea what the future held for him, anyway.

After graduating from high school where she majored in physics, mathematics and chemistry, her parents suggested that she take medical courses at university. Because she dreaded blood and hated watching people suffer, it wasn’t a path she had considered, but she was willing to do it, at least for her parents.

During his senior year vacation in 2019, Uwikuzo looked for a job to keep busy and gain skills before heading to college. Fortunately, she picked one up from a local hotel as a receptionist. But, sitting down and greeting people wasn’t her favorite cup of tea, she craved something stimulating. To her surprise, she was working with people in the same position who were much older than her, maybe in their 40s, but comfortable with the job.

“I was bored, because I was doing the same thing every day without even using my brain as much. Luckily, I landed on a friend’s WhatsApp status ad for a coding class. I had never heard of coding in my entire life. I immediately texted her and asked if I would apply if I hadn’t taken a computer class before. She told me that as long as I spoke English and had a math background I could apply, which I did immediately and waited patiently to be selected,” she says.

She was selected for the Moringa WeCode course and resigned from her job with the intention of studying. The software developer says she was amazed at how she created websites, worked on a number of projects and learned programming languages. After completing the course, she applied for an internship in a telecommunications company in 2020, and this is the genesis of earning money. Unfortunately, Covid-19 quickly hit the country where most companies laid off workers.

Uwikuzo looked for ways to use his skills rather than stay at home; she started a business with her two friends with programming experience. Having a business was easy for them, earning the trust of their customers and getting a number of gigs. Before long, she had started college at the Adventist University of Central Africa – AUCA which was difficult to juggle between school and running a business.

At first, her parents had no idea what course she was taking, but opened up about her desire for software engineering and surprisingly, her parents didn’t stop her from pursuing what she wanted, maybe because they were amazed by it. project when she invited them to the coding class graduation.

When asked why her parents suggested she pursue medicine in the first place, she doubts there is a firm but just for the title of the course reason to go as a doctor or a nurse.

As she yearned for lifelong learning, Uwikuzo started looking for a job when she had just started university. A friend of hers who worked at Exuus Company, advised her to ask for a job, they called her back on the condition that she first do an internship before getting a job – which she accepted. She learned a number of skills and worked on serious projects like any other employee. After three months, she got a job and is still working with the software development company.

Remote work allows her to take other courses online because she thinks she can be resourceful if she learns new things often.

His future plans are to focus on data science as it helps with problem solving, marketing and much more. She’s also looking forward to creating a tutorial platform where people can hire experts in all fields, offer them tips and lessons in catering, salons, dancing, writing, and more. These people will be assessed online by the people they have taught. Its goal is to allow anyone with skills to share them with others while earning from them.

Uwikuzo plans to be Miss Rwanda in order to have a platform to advocate and inspire female students to participate in technology courses and publicize her project inside and outside Rwanda and ensure that everyone Everyone benefits, even people in rural areas.

She urges students to do their best to do an internship, volunteer or apply for a job while studying in order to learn more, as it involves business opportunities, connections, etc.

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