10 Software Development Exporting SMEs to Start the Acceleration Process to Export to Canada

The Upload Canada program has selected 10 small and medium-sized exporting software development companies from Costa Rica to complete an acceleration process aimed at internationalizing their services in the Canadian market.

10 software development exporting SMEs to start exporting to Canada

The initiative is coordinated by the Promoter of Foreign Trade of Costa Rica (PROCOMER) and the National Institute of Learning (INA) and executed by the Canadian Accelerator Accelerator Center (AC); And it aims to transform its business model for exporting SMEs in order to improve their services in the Canadian market by identifying competitive gaps for software development and setting up a training program.

The SMEs selected in this edition of Upload Canada are:

  • La Creativity SA: Developer of software, websites and mobile applications.
  • Golabs Enterprise SA: Artificial Intelligence, Mobile and Web Development.
  • Sabana Tech SA: RPA and Artificial Intelligence.
  • Toursys: SaaS platform provider (Software as a Service) for the digitization and automation of tour operators’ operational processes.
  • Recluta TH Latam SA: Staff Augmentation, Outsourcing, Payroll, PEO, BOT Services.
  • Aransas Easy Solutions SA: Automation of processes with artificial intelligence.
  • Grupo BPO Costa Rica: Administration of operating procedures.
  • Loymark SA: Digital Marketing and Data Analytics with its loyalty program and e-commerce management platform.
  • Quality XP Development Software Engineering Services SA: IoT, E-commerce, Development of mobile applications.
  • Grupo Bapu KAP SA: Mobile application development, e-commerce, marketing information analysis, information systems consulting, maintenance and support.

“Our country’s services export offering is sophisticated and very diverse, characteristics that we want to show to the world, especially to the Canadian market, where there are opportunities for our exporters. By uploading, and by the alliance with INA. Thanks to this, we are building this group of companies to increase their competitiveness in this market,” said Pedro Beirut Prada, Managing Director of ProCommerce.

“It is important for INA to continue to support business park development initiatives across the country, and by contributing 90% of the total cost of this Upload 2022 Canada acceleration program, INA is expanding this program to scholarships, where it collaborates with ProCommerce. Together, it promotes the export of services, mainly to markets with high growth potential for Costa Rican companies”, highlighted Adriana Aguilar, head of the Promotion and Development Unit commercial of the INA.

The training program initiated by these 10 SMEs will be spread over 5 months and will include group mentoring, individual sessions and online workshops, led by the accelerator, through which they will be able to transform their business models. In addition, they will participate in various networking events during which they will validate their services and models.

Upon completion of the program, SMEs should be able to identify areas or areas where they can be more competitive based on their capabilities, develop a unique value proposition and business content that will allow them to serve as potential customers. To properly introduce investors, redefine their business model on the Canadian market and formulate a marketing strategy adapted to the market.

In addition to having the tools to discover new opportunities that improve their organizational structure and decision-making process, understand the regulations and tax advantages for technology companies in the Canadian market, technology companies with their intellectual property Evaluate the company in development and enhance its improvement. Soft leadership skills. INA press source.

Gordon K. Morehouse