10 nonsense questions every computer science and software engineering student should answer

One of the main challenges for a computer science or software engineering student is dealing with the misconceptions people have about these topics. Here are some questions you all need to answer if you are a student in one of these degrees.

  1. I want to hack a Facebook account; Can you help me?

The most common misconception about computer science students is that they can hack into other people’s accounts. So, you will find someone randomly asking you if you can help them hack someone’s account. After all, you are a computer science student.

  1. I have a bug in my phone; Can you fix it?

Can you fix this bug in my phone? Another very frequently asked question. Bugs in your phone can surely be fixed by a technician. But they might ask you, are you different from a computer technician? That’s what they know about a computer science degree, so no wonder why they ask such questions.

  1. How are you a computer student if you can’t fix my computer?

Yes, they can be computer scientists but don’t know how to fix a computer. Studying software engineering or computer science does not make them capable of solving hardware-related problems. I think every student has faced such questions. Even your parents and siblings do not leave you.

  1. Can you help me hack someone’s data?

Another received idea, can you help yourself to hack someone’s data? They are not hackers. Not every hacker is a computer science or software engineering student and not every student of these degrees is a hacker. Believe me, these degrees don’t have a module called “hacking”, so stop asking that question.

  1. What do you know about artificial intelligence? Can you make robots?

This is the thing that everyone is confused about. People think software engineers know everything about artificial intelligence and robotics. These are different areas. They might choose to get degrees like robotics while on their masters, but this degree isn’t about that. Please check out some program websites and learn more about what they teach them.

  1. You sit in front of a computer all day, how can you get tired?

Of course, how can they get tired when they just have to sit in front of a computer all day. Believe me, they do the most tiring job of all. And the screen time they have can tire you out like you can’t imagine. So please take care of their feelings before you say this.

  1. Are you a real engineer?

In our society, there are real engineers and there are fake engineers. So, when someone is in the field doing typical engineering work, they are called real engineers. As far as software engineers go, these are the fakes. You will find many people asking you how can you be an engineer when you do nothing like that.

  1. You have to know how to make games, right?

They are not everyone’s computer masters. Each degree has a set range of modules and it does not teach you everything at once. If you have seen anyone making games, this would be their area of ​​interest and learning. Not all computer science students can do this.

  1. Can you create a website for me?

Just like issues with games, there is this misconception about websites. Nowadays, people are very interested in online business and other things, so they just need a computer science or software engineering student to ask them if they can build their website.

  1. It is such an undervalued degree; how are you going to find a job?

People know very little about these degrees. Some have very high expectations and in Pakistan most people think it is a worthless degree. Well, it has a very good reach even in Pakistan and also abroad. They are going to be good earners, so you should worry about yourself rather than them.

Gordon K. Morehouse